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At Curl Up & Dye we have a collection of experienced stylists that specialize in wedding and event services. We work to create a 'day of' environment that allows our professionals to deliver efficient planning and scheduling, preparedness and quality styling and makeup application. We rely on knowledgable and experienced stylists when booking these types of services in order to ensure a smooth process that leaves our clients feeling confident in our capabilities. Experience allows our stylists to prepare for all sorts of unforeseen circumstances, while still taking a thoughtful approach to your hair styling and makeup application needs- which gives our clients a much needed moment to relax on their big day. 


In most cases, we will recommend that a bride start thinking about her hair and makeup services as early as possible. We like to have a trial date booked about 4-5 months prior to a wedding date. This allows us to feel out the fit between stylist and client early on. We strongly suggest booking a trial before booking any bridal services. Not only does this allow the bride to feel confident in her look, but gives our stylist the information they need in order to be as prepared as possible on the day of the event.


During a trial our stylist consults with the bride about her preferences, goals and dreams for her 'day of' look. We then move forward with meeting those style goals, all while taking photos of the final hair and makeup. The stylist will take copious notes on what hair and makeup products were used to achieve the final style, and make sure to bring those exact products on the date of the event. In an effort to ensure you have a look you love, we give our brides a 24 hour window to confirm their style, allowing them to go about their day and feel confident in their choice. The trial is meant to be a dry run of your final look, so we always ask that you bring any hair accessories or hair pieces/extensions you might want to include in your look. If you think you might want a special service during your trial, like eyelash extensions, just let us know in advance.


With all of our bridal or special event services, we require a non-refundable deposit and  contract. The deposit is due at the signing of this contract. The contract carefully outlines the scope of work, number of clients and their respective services. This allows our stylists to be as prepared as possible, and gives the client peace of mind when moving forward. This document also allows our staff to create a schedule of appointments for the day of services. It allows both stylist and client to be as prepared as possible, and gives the client the knowledge needed to work their day around the timeing requirements of their booked appointments. 

On Location vs. In Salon

On Location—

This is our most sought-after booking option for weddings and special events. With this offering our stylists come direct to the client, for this reason we require an additional flat fee. Wherever you'd like to be styled - we'll be there! Our stylists arrive thirty minutes prior to the first scheduled appointment in order to properly arrange for set up. If possible, we ask that there is available seating wherever you'd like the stylists to work, this way we can be ready for each scheduled appointment as it approaches. Our stylists come equipped with their own preferred products. For hair, this will always be industry standard and quality styling tools and products. For makeup, we will bring along your trial approved products that have been chosen from each stylists curated collection of trusted products. Stylists have an array of products in order to match any skin type or make up look, be it natural or dramatic. 

In Salon—

In some cases, booking services at our salon might be preferred. Some venues don't offer the right space or atmosphere for your beauty needs and that's when performing your services in the salon is a better fit. Booking in salon services does allow you some added flexibility when it comes to preparedness or last minute beauty needs. We always like to note that this does not mean you and your party will be the only appointments that day in the salon. We will still be running our normal salon business, but you and your group will each be accounted for in our daily bookings. If you do wish to have the salon to yourselves, that is an option that you can inquire about when booking. We offer renting the salon space for a day in order to provide a fun and private environment for you and your group — feel free to come ahead of time with champagne or decorations to elevate your experience!

If you are looking to book services for your formal event or wedding needs, please fill out this form. Expect a call from us shorty to confirm your needs.

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Our wedding and event stylist services can take some time, especially with large groups. We are happy to offer food and beverage during your scheduled services. We have curated a group of items we feel best suit the scene of an event day, all of which are easy to enjoy while you are being pampered. All of these selections are sourced from Picnic Gourmet, right here in Newport - a business we know well and trust. You can have these items delivered to your on location preparation space, or they can be waiting for you at the salon when you arrive.

We offer in-salon room rental options, so that your group can have their very own space to enjoy for a snack, or take some behind the scenes photos in. This is a great option for large groups who will want a private space to relax in while waiting in between hair and makeup application.

All orders come with a complimentary bottle of champagne!

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